Thursday, July 21, 2011

Progress photos

Here's a progress pic of my latest collage canvas.  Some of the collage is done and the underpainting of the figures in black and white acrylic paint.  Need to collage the dresses next (left will be pink/purple and the right blue), then hopefully in the weekend it will be at the stage that I can start painting the figures properly.

I've also started another online class (like I'm not busy enough!).  This one is through Artful Gathering (see link in the right hand column if you're interested - there are lots of classes to choose from).  I'm doing Elizabeth Johnson's class "An Enchanted Blue Bird", drawing a bird with graphite, watercolour pencils and inktense pencils.  This is my birdy so far, I'm pleased with the shape and I can't wait to colour him.

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