Monday, July 18, 2011

News & Bear Show Success!

I have decided to consolidate my bears, dolls & artwork.  I will now have just the one blog that will cover all of my creative pursuits (art, bears & dolls).  I will also have a new website, a new facebook fan page and new Etsy shop.  My mailing list will remain unchanged.  It's going to be easier for me to maintain everything this way.  I'm sorry for the impending confusion as people were just getting used to the name "Caya's Cottage" for my bears and dolls, but I will now be known simply by my name Cat Gabriel.

So, now for some bear news!  The recent online show "Bears on Parade" was a huge success.  75 bear artists participated and some wonderful bears were available for adoption.  All of my bears Bobo, Barkly, Bluey, Peaches and Rainbow found homes, thank you.  I hope to participate in the next Teddies Worldwide show, it was a lot of fun :)

I have had many requests for commission orders for bears lately, especially since the online show.  At the moment I am considering it and will let you all know when.


  1. I ´m the first follower?
    Your bears are so cute. I like all.
    Hugs, Conni

  2. I'm following you too. I just love your little bears!.

  3. Thanks so much Conni and Bev, I always worry when I change websites whether people are going to follow me or not